Three Different Ways to Sell Your Home

We provide South Jordan sellers OPTIONS! goBE Realty offers three different ways to sell your home. You determine the method that works best for you and aligns most closely with your goals—we do the rest! Let's explore:


If a buyer agrees to purchase your home but needs to sell theirs first... we can offer to sell their home guaranteed!

With more buyers today needing to sell their home in order to buy one...we make it easy, by giving them a guarantee to sell their home when they buy your home. We buy their home if we don't sell it. Call us at 801-966-4000 for details. Restrictions may apply.

As Is

Skip all the hassle of decluttering, painting and staging and sell your South Jordan home to us, as is, for cash. Especially if you have a family, it can be extremely disruptive to get your home ready to sell and keep it in showing condition. Our real estate company makes selling a home in South Jordan easy.

Professionally Staged & Renovated

Getting your home ready to sell can be exhausting — and expensive. But if you don’t put the effort in, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost profit. Rely on the real estate agents at goBE Realty to make the updates and renovations you need to sell your South Jordan home — and you don’t pay a dime until closing. We’ll stage your newly remodeled home to attract more buyers who are serious about making an offer.

Professionally Staged, Renovated & Aggressively Marketed

In today’s seller’s market, it’s not hard to get an offer on your home — but it can be hard to get a good offer. If you want top dollar for your South Jordan home, work with goBE Realty. Our team uses professional interior designers, photographers and social media marketing strategists to make your home look fabulous and to make sure everyone knows it. Sell your South Jordan home with goBE.

Give Me a Cash Offer

No Hassle, Fast & Easy

  • Sell As-Is
  • You Pick When You Want to Close - Peace of Mind!
  • No Staging or Showings - No Hassle!
  • Good For 5 Months if Building a Home
  • Use of Free Moving Truck!
  • Get In Touch ➔

Call (801) 966-4000 for details. Restrictions may apply.

Fix it Up For Me

Sell for Top Dollar

  • No Money To Fix Up Your Home? No Problem!
  • "Bang For Your Buck" Strategy Consultation
  • We Provide The Expertise and Assistance
  • Interior Designer Included
  • The "Utah Dave Way" Included
  • Get In Touch ➔

Call (801) 966-4000 for details. Restrictions may apply.

Sell My Home For Top Dollar

The Utah Dave Way

  • "Bang For Your Buck" Strategy Consultation
  • Interior Design Staging
  • Professional Photography
  • Social Media & Internet Advertising/Videos
  • Easy Showing Approval System
  • Ultimate Feedback Insight Reports
  • Get In Touch ➔

Call (801) 966-4000 for details. Restrictions may apply.

Work with goBe Realty to Sell Your Home in South Jordan

At goBE Realty, we have many years of experience selling houses in South Jordan, Utah. We’re known as the leading real estate brokerage for South Jordan and Daybreak, and that’s why so many people come to us when they’re looking for homes for sale here. We got this far by putting more time and effort into studying the science behind selling homes in South Jordan.

Sometimes people ask us what the secret is to selling homes. We tell them the secret is that there is not one single strategy that works for every home. Granted, there are certain standards that apply more uniformly than others when you’re selling a home in South Jordan. For instance, we always recommend fresh paint on the walls in neutral colors. If your bathroom and kitchen are very old, an update can help boost your asking price. Noticeable issues such as broken wall or floor tiles, loose doorknobs, stained carpet, etc. should all be taken care of unless you are selling your house as is.

Experience & Knowhow Count

Beyond that, changes to your home to prep it for selling are a combination of science and highly educated guesses. Sometimes our real estate agents put out pots of fresh flowers on the porch stairs to make a home feel more welcoming. An American flag outside the front door blowing gently in the breeze can have an impact as well. While it’s usually not a good idea to use scented air fresheners or potpourri when you’re selling your South Jordan home in case prospective homebuyers are sensitive to smells, some freshly brewed coffee or chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven can leave a positive, lasting impression.

At the same time, we often tell clients that less is more. Decluttering is a big part of selling your home, as is removing all personal objects such as photos, trophies, children’s art, etc. Prospective buyers touring your home like to imagine it is their home, and it makes it harder if your personal effects are still out.

When you have pets, it can be difficult to keep your home clean and presentable at all times, but it’s important to try. Those who tour your home might be allergic to dogs or cats, so daily vacuuming is a good idea. When a real estate agent is on the way with interested buyers, stash the pet bowls and toys, load the pups and kitties in the car and go for a drive while the Realtor shows your house.

The goBE Difference

Once our real estate team meets with you and takes a careful look at your home, we will make other suggestions and recommendations specific to your location that we think will matter. For instance, if your home has cathedral ceilings and large windows, we may advise you to get the windows professionally washed. Large, clean windows make a space look so inviting!

Green plants make a home feel warmer and create positive energy. We may bring plants into your home as part of the staging process. If your furniture has seen better days or if you’re a huge fan of orange, stripes or florals, we may bring in staging furniture as well.

We have so many tools we keep in our arsenal to sell homes in Daybreak and South Jordan, and we just keep adding to it as we gain more insight and make more sales. Count on the Realtors with the best track record for selling homes in South Jordan for more money.

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